Service Providers

3 Green Bins with Pink Lids Lined Up on a Curb

The businesses below provide services that are in alignment with Missoula’s ZERO by FIFTY goal. Customers pay a fee to receive these services, so please contact them directly for more information.

If you know of service providers that should be added to this list, please leave a comment.


Garden City Recycling
(406) 493-1528
service: source-separated recycling

Recycling Works
(406) 215-4650
service: glass and compost collection

Republic Services
(406) 721-1121
service: all-in-one recycling


Missoula Compost Collection, LLC
(406) 370-5876
acceptable materials: all food scraps, food soiled paper, BPI-certified compostable packaging, yard trimmings

Soil Cycle
(406) 518-1253
acceptable materials: vegetative food scraps


Heritage Timber
(406) 830-3966

Montana Deconstruction Services
(406) 880-0404

WasteLess Works
(406) 396-1710