Tracking Progress

Missoula has made significant strides down the pathway to Zero Waste over the past few years. The progress is visible as businesses, institutions, and individuals begin tackling the paths of access, infrastructure, education. Taken together their efforts are quickly propelling Missoula toward the ZERO by FIFTY.

Data to track that progress is scattered and no comprehensive tracking and evaluation system yet exists. The City of Missoula endeavors to complete a municipal solid waste (MSW) stream study for Missoula to determine baseline disposal data upon which to derive metrics on progress toward the 90 percent goal and benchmark targets.

Once tracking systems are put in place and data becomes available, this page will be updated to include those metrics for review by the Missoula community in the spirit of the ZERO by FIFTY guiding principle of transparency and accountability. In the meantime, you may find useful information at the links below.