0 - 50 - 100
Climate Smart Missoula and Home ReSource

0-50-100 is a sustainability framework that Climate Smart Missoula, Home ReSource, and partners are promoting for our community. Used by others across the country, notably San Francisco, these guiding goals can help everyone see where their actions can be part of the solution. What is 0-50-100?

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0– Zero Waste

Our community sends (almost) nothing to the landfill. We’ve already set the goal of achieving 90 percent waste reduction by 2050 with Zero by Fifty – Missoula’s pathway to Zero Waste.

50– 50% Sustainable Trips

50 percent of Missoula-area trips are made via sustainable means: walk, bike, bus, scooter, unicycle, skate board, or even simply carpool, and all by 2040!

100– 100% clean electricity

100 percent clean electricity for Missoula by 2035. How? We take advantage of current tools (think solar), expand options to add more renewable electricity (think policy), and simultaneously shrink the size of the pie by using electricity smarter. These ideas are described in this Clean Electricity Options Report released by Climate Smart Missoula in partnership with the City of Missoula in Fall 2018. Check it out and help us out!

And that’s not all – 100 is actually a twofer:

100 – 100 percent of all Missoulians are engaged in sustainable actions and that the solutions work for all, 100 percent of us!

The 0-50-100 goals can be viewed as a gauge of our community climate and sustainability goals, and they can be used as a pledge towards supporting these efforts. For example, at the 2018 Clean Energy Expo, individuals were asked to participate in brainstorming ways of fulfilling the “0-50-100 pledge” with individual actions.

For more on the 0-50-100 framework, here’s more from the Missoula Current’s Sustainable Missoula column: We're aiming for 0-50-100 in 2019

Find out more about Climate Smart Missoula’s 100% Clean Electricity efforts and this pledge here: https://www.missoulaclimate.org/100-percent.html

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