Path C: Education

Missoulians who understand the benefits of Zero Waste and how to get there will drive the community toward achieving its Zero Waste goal.

Objective C1: Educate the Missoula community about Zero Waste in general and ZERO by FIFTY in particular

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Action C1.1 - SHORT - Develop community-focused, cross-platform education campaign
Maintain consistent messaging and branding across all facets of ZERO by FIFTY including but not limited to Zero Waste stations, facilities, and marketing.
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Action C1.2 - SHORT - Support integration of the ZERO by FIFTY goal and framework across Missoula
Identify other institutions and businesses in the community who may be potential partners and help them take steps toward adopting the ZERO by FIFTY goal.

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ZERO by FIFTY Pledge Campaign

Action C1.3 - SHORT - Promote expansion of source reduction & reuse initiatives
Help the community understand that Zero Waste is more than simply recycling through a combination of promotion, outreach, and development of strategic programs. Offer strategies to reduce materials consumption at home, at work, and at play.

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Action C1.4 - SHORT - Provide guidance for construction, demolition, and deconstruction (CDD) reuse and recycling service options
Update the Deconstruction & Demolition Resources page of the Deconstruction Resource Guide for City of Missoula Development Services [see appendix]. Explore ways to more fully utilize the guide as an educational tool for builders and contractors. Enhance Development Services staffs’ ability to provide guidance on and incentives for CDD reuse and recycling service options.

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Action C1.5 - SHORT/MEDIUM - Develop & deploy outreach program & resources to support businesses moving toward Zero Waste
Conduct or contract best-practices training, which may include site visits, walk-through audits, and distribution of ZERO by FIFTY-branded displays and signs, to encourage source reduction and increase rates of recycling and/or composting at businesses. Support evaluation and redesign of Missoula-made products and packaging to prevent waste. Encourage businesses to take back products and associated packaging, especially items that are toxic in their manufacture, use, or disposal that are not currently reusable, recyclable or compostable locally (a precursor to Policy Action D3.4).

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Objective C2: Encourage Zero Waste education and skill-building across the community in our homes, schools, businesses, and organizations

Action C2.1 - SHORT - Support implementation of Zero Waste in K-12 schools
The City has already supported MCPS by sharing the ZERO by FIFTY targets, framework, and guiding principles for use in the development of the MCPS Zero Waste Plan. Further support MCPS and other K-12 schools in and around Missoula by: providing ZERO by FIFTY branding for Zero Waste stations; being an informational resource; supporting Zero Waste curriculum, lessons, and educational programming; giving presentations; and collaborating with school faculty, staff, and administrators to include student voices in ZERO by FIFTY.

This Action in Action - MCPS ZERO by FIFTY Zero Waste Plan

Action C2.2 - SHORT - Support community opportunities to gain Zero Waste skills
Provide more opportunities to train and deploy Zero Waste Ambassadors at events hosted at public venues. Offer training support for private venue events. Partner with local organizations or service clubs to sponsor or promote product repair workshops, such as the Gallatin Solid Waste Management District Fixit Clinics, or reuse workshops, such as those offered by Home ReSource.

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