Zero Waste Event Checklist


  • Set a goal

  • Find a location for the event

  • Establish vendor agreement and find vendors 

  • Establish a plan for discard collection services

  • Establish  a plan for food rescue

  • Prepare Zero Waste stations

  • Build a volunteer Green Team of Zero Waste Ambassadors

  • Prepare additional signage to educate attendees about the Zero Waste event

  • Establish a plan for drinking water 

  • Consider other ways to reduce materials use and avoid waste

  • Promote on social media as a Zero Waste event


  • Set up a “Zero Waste Zone”

  • Have sufficiently accessible Zero Waste stations

  • Disable all existing trash cans 

  • Give vendors a map of Zero Waste Station locations

  • Post a large map of Zero Waste Station locations near food areas 

  • Staff Zero Waste stations with Green Team volunteers

  • Follow through with your plan for food rescue


  • Congratulate yourself for hosting a Zero Waste event!

  • Measure your efforts

  • Ask for feedback from both vendors and attendees