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Greasy Bolt and Wrench

Automotive Materials

What is auto waste? Any waste that is generated from automobiles or other motor vehicles from maintenance, repair, damage replacement, or total losses.

Why is it a problem? Some auto waste, especially the metals, can be recycled instead of thrown into the dump. Also motor vehicles require oils, chemicals, and fuels to operate, which are regarded as toxic waste and can therefore be harmful to people and the environment when not disposed of properly.

Examples: cars, car parts, trucks, motor oil, antifreeze, filters, glass, scrap metal, fluids, tires


  • Choose to ride your bike or walk to your destination whenever possible.

  • Take the bus for free on Missoula’s award-winning Zero Fare Mountain Line public transit system.

  • Carpool or share vehicles among friends/family members.

  • Use MUD’s Truck Share program if you need a truck instead of getting your own.

  • Use a rideshare service or a local taxi service.


  • Purchase used vehicles instead of new ones.

  • Source parts needed for repairs from scrap yards instead of purchasing new.

  • Create artwork with scrap materials.

  • Old tires are great for garden decor.


(call or visit website to confirm acceptance policies)


A & T Auto Recycling
6705 Juniper Dr
(406) 258-6006

Axmen Recycling and Auto Salvage
9775 Summit Dr
(406) 543-1905

Batteries Plus
2100 Stephens
(406) 829-8286

3075 Stockyard Rd
(406) 203-1885

Hellgate Conoco Service Center
711 E Broadway St
(406) 728-9966

Karl Tyler Express Lube
3757 North Reserve Street
(406) 541-3278

Express Lube
2020 South Avenue
(406) 541-9009

MUD - Missoula Urban Demonstration Project
1527 Wyoming St
(406) 549-6790

Napa Auto Parts
3201 W Broadway St,
(406) 541-6676

O’Reilly Auto Parts
3625 Brooks Street
(406) 728-2006

Pacific Steel & Recycling
2828 Palmer
(406) 542-0381

Republic Services
3207 West Broadway St
(406) 721-1120

Tire Rama
5 Missoula locations

Walmart Auto Care Center
3555 Mullan Rd
(406) 829-8510