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Pen and Paper

Office Supplies

What is office waste? Office waste is usually a sign of inefficient systems and can often equate to wasting money. Why? Office waste can easily be avoided by practicing waste prevention, reusing products, recycling, and composting.

Examples: printer paper, ink cartridges, ink pens, pencils, markers, glue, tape, note pads, paper clips, folders, binders, printer, fax machine, computers, phones, monitors, keyboards, mouses, break room, food scraps, cans


  • Only print when necessary, consider electronic versions of documents and presentations

  • Choose 100% post consumer recycled content paper products



  • Recycle your used ink and toner cartridges at Staples

  • Subscribe to office recycling & compost collection services

Collection Service Options:

  • Garden City Recycling collects cardboard (corrugated and non), plastics (#1 Bottles & #2 Bottles - no plastic bags, no lids, no food trays), aluminum cans, tin, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, & phone books


Bargain Corner
200 S California St
(406) 543-4926

Home ReSource
1515 Wyoming St.
(406) 541- 8300

Missoula Goodwill
2501 S Reserve St
(406) 549-6969

Republic Services Recycling Center
3207 W Broadway Street
(406) 721-1120

2230 N Reserve St, Suite 300
(406) 728-9558

Teen Challenge Thrift Store
2036 Mullan Rd
(406) 728-1171

YWCA Secret Seconds
920 Kensington Ave
(406) 541-3210

1136 W Broadway St
(406) 549-1610

Zootown Thrift
1444 W Broadway St
(406) 552-7732