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Scrap Metal


What is metal? Metal is made from ore mined from the Earth. It may a pure chemical element such as copper or an alloy (a blend of elements) such as steel, which is iron & carbon. Ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous metals such as aluminum do not.

Why is metal waste a problem? All metals are recyclable in theory, therefore maximizing recycling is more efficient than mining & refining ore. However, our technological society has successfully combined materials in many consumer goods in such a way that makes recycling the metals within various products extremely difficult. For metals that are easy to recycle, even though access to metal recycling is common, only 70% of tin cans and less than 50% of aluminum cans are recycled in the U.S. each year despite the fact that aluminum cans can be recycled infinitely into new aluminum cans.

Examples: aluminum cans, tin cans, scrap metal, steel, copper, brass, bronze, camping fuel canisters, aerosol cans


  • Reduce the amount of metal you throw away; most metals can be reused or recycled, so there is no need to waste these valuable materials

  • Metal items are a great alternative to single use options; try metal water bottles or metal straws rather than plastic single use bottles and straws


  • Repurpose rebar and other scrap metal into rustic furniture pieces, or home decor items

  • Donate metal hangers to laundromats or dry cleaners

  • Home Resource takes a variety of metal items; call to confirm acceptance policies

    • Aluminum screen doors with complete frame, aluminum double pane windows, furnaces, stove pipe, venting, ducting, hardware, metal roofing, etc.

  • Shop for reused and repurposed metal items before buying new from hardware stores


Drop-off Options:

  • Pacific Steel & Recycling

    • Vehicles, appliances, tin

    • ferrous metals (mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, wrought iron)

    • non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, die cast, radiators, stainless steel, catalytic converters)

Check out their recycling guide for what they do and do not accept

Collection Service Options:

  • Garden City Recycling collects aluminum beverage cans and tin food cans

  • Republic Services collects aluminum beverage cans and tin food cans as well as scrap metal


7655 US Highway 10 West
(406) 728-7020

Axmen Recycling
9775 Summit Drive

Home ReSource
1515 Wyoming St.
(406) 541-8300

Pacific Steel and Recycling
2600 Latimer
(406) 543-7280

Republic Services Recycling Center
3207 W Broadway Street
(406) 721-1120