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Large Reusable Bags Filled with Yard & Garden Scraps

Yard & Garden Scraps

What is Yard and Garden waste? Yard and Garden waste is the unwanted organic debris leftover from tending to outside landscaping.

Why is it a problem? Organic matter in a landfill cannot compost, instead it rots and releases harmful gases like methane, which is a greenhouse gas 23-100 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Examples: leaves, cuttings, trimmings, trees, shrubs, grass clippings, whole plants, dead plants, sawdust, soil, potting soil, rocks, branches, logs, weed matting, weeds, dirt


  • Rock gardens don’t produce organic matter and are easy to upkeep

  • Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping which uses plants that need little water and require minimal trimming

  • Use local and native plants that are better suited for the climate and weather patterns, which can reduce maintenance and watering volumes


  • Grasscycling is where plants are shredded into mulch for use in the garden/yard itself

  • Composted yard debris is a soil conditioner that improves texture, air circulation and drainage, moderates soil temperature, enhances nutrient and water-holding capacity, decreases erosion, inhibits weed growth, and suppresses some plant pathogens

Recycle (AKA Compost)

  • Compost collection service options:

    • Missoula Compost Collection collects grass clippings, leaves, yard trimmings, all food scraps, & BPI-certified compostables (plates, cups, bags, utensils, etc.) View the full list here

    • Soil Cycle collects plant & flower trimmings as well as vegetative food scraps

    • Recycling works collects food scraps as well as materials such as wood chippings and sawdust as long as they fit in the curbside bucket

    Compost drop-off options:

    • Garden City Compost accepts all yard debris as well as food scraps and BPI-certified compostables (plates, cups, bags, utensils, etc.)

      • Cost of $7 a load of any quantity


Missoula Compost Collection
(406) 370-5876

Garden City Compost
1125 Clark Fork Lane
(406) 552-6619

Soil Cycle
(406) 518-1253

Recycling Works
202 Brooks St
(406) 215-4650