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Pile of Tin Cans


Cans are made of aluminum, tin, or steel and, as such, are highly recyclable. Making an aluminum can from a recycled aluminum can saves up to 96 percent of the energy that it would take to make an aluminum can from raw materials.

Why is can waste a problem? Every can that is not recycled equates to unnecessary energy use and resource extraction to meet the demand for new cans.

Examples: aluminum can, beer can, soda can, steel can, tin can, wine can


  • Consider reducing the amount of soda, beer, and other canned beverages you consume

  • Opt to use refillable bottles or growlers for soda and beer purchases at local breweries

  • Consider buying local, unpackaged produce instead of canned foods



Drop-off and pick-up service providers include:

  • Drop-off options:

  • Collection service options:

    • Republic Services takes aluminum beverage cans and food cans as well as scrap metal

    ** Make sure your cans are rinsed out and free from any food or debris before you put them in the recycle bin.

  • Animeals No-Kill Shelter & Food Bank


Axmen Recycling
9775 Summit Drive

Pacific Steel & Recycling
2828 Palmer Street
(406) 543-7280

Republic Services Recycling Center
3207 W Broadway St
(406) 721-1120